Basic information about cell phones

Now first come first we all ever wonder how does the cell phone works? Have you ever wondered how a cell phone works? What makes it different from a regular phone?

Basic information about cell phones

Some of these codes can clear important information from your device if not already saved properly.


So all in all, read the description of what the code is intended to do and perform these codes at your own risk because I will not be held responsible or accountable. Otherwise enjoy the codes and enjoy the article. Phone information -allows you to run a ping test, and shows a ton of interesting information about the phone.

Battery Information — now you can remove that power app you installed on your phone, all the common information you need about your battery and charging is here. Shows whether the device is charging or if the battery is full.

Then the battery itself is likely defective. The first 15 digits shown before any space or dash is your IMEI. Never type in this code until you backup your entire phone, it will not erase your Operating System or preinstalled applications.

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It will erase all personal data and settings. PS also remove your SD card or Memory card from the phone before using this code. Once you type in this code the phone will show the option to erase the memory on the device and provide the option to format the SD card as well.

Basic information about cell phones

So instead of having to select the Silent mode, Air Plane mode or Power off, you can just use the power key to power the phone right off. Just use the phones "Menu" button to start the various tests.


Once you type in the code you will have to actually call it, it will show a message and then go through… try and make a call or two and see if the service has improved. If yes enjoy, if not then power cycle your phone turn it off and then back on.

I believe this one is for the external speaker the speaker that plays music on the phone. This code opens a lot of different options to go through and see how well or efficiently your iPhone is working.

Basic information about cell phones

One such future shown includes your phones signal. After typing this code into the phone the signal bars actually turn into a number.

The lower the number the worse your signal strength is. Remember the number is a negative so is a worse signal strength on your phone than a Using this code can access a ton of technical information on an iphone, once done going through what you want then just press your home key to exit the Field Test.

Nokia 1100 Carlson, who is in her 70s, does everything on it: Carlson is not alone.
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I think it is primarily for iPhones. I hope you enjoyed the article and saw some interesting codes that you can use on your phone. I look forword to hearing what you have to say. Enjoy and I look forward to hearing from you.Keep things simple.

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Basic Cell Phones

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