Cavallini wrapping paper

Your email Leave this field empty if you're human: But once those sweaters, video games, and stuffed animals are unwrapped, where does all that wrapping paper go? Americans generate 25 percent more trash over the holiday season than during the rest of the year.

Cavallini wrapping paper

Shutterstock Now that holiday gift giving is over and you're beginning to stow away the decorations for another year, are you wondering what to do with the bits and bobs of leftover wrapping paper?

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Here are 13 easy DIY projects for crafters and kids to do with extra gift wrap. Use as a mat in a picture frame Who says mats have to be white? Cut wrapping paper to size and mount your chosen photo onto it and place in any frame. Line shelves or drawers Refresh your cabinets with some festive Cavallini wrapping paper.

Decoupage and scrapbooking supplies Take those small trimmings you might just toss out and cut into shapes and strands to dress up a scrapbook or decoupage project. Cover soup cans for chic desk organization A pop of color turns a plain old can into a cool corral for pencils and pens.

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Back to school book covers Trade grocery bags for glamorous wrap. A heavier or coated paper works best for this project. Make origami squares Cut thinner wrapping paper heavy or coated paper is harder to fold into 6-inch squares.

The kids will be entertained for hours. Pretty pins or buttons Have a button making kit? Use wrapping paper for a festive fashion statement. Handmade holiday cards and envelopes As crazy as it is to start thinking about next holiday season, get a head start and use those wrap and ribbon scraps to make homemade holiday cards.

Perfect packing shred Run the paper through a shredder to create filler for gift boxes, shipping containers, and even Easter baskets. Make festive pendants and garlands Paper pendants and garlands are all the rage. Take some twine or ribbon and string shapes of wrap onto them for easy and free decorations.

Make bows Did you know you can curl paper like you can curl ribbon? Cross one more thing off your to-buy list next year by making your own bows from old paper.

Make an Advent calendar Now there's no need to buy those punch hole versions with the waxy chocolate! You can make your own Advent calendar with wrapping paper leftovers and fill it with whatever you want. Create a holiday memory box Hate throwing out each season's cards from friends and family?

Cavallini wrapping paper

Wrap a shoebox top and bottom separately, store that year's cards in it, and label with the year for an instant time capsule.

Do you have any creative crafts with leftover wrapping paper? Share with us in the comments or tweet at DIYBoston! The author is solely responsible for the content.Cavallini The Skull Wrapping Paper ($5) Skip Nav.

23 Halloween Products We Need From Paper Source ASAP. October 24, by Nicole Yi. 54 Shares View On One Page Photo 7 of Wrapping Paper Games & Puzzles Games Playing Cards Puzzles This blank greeting card was printed on Cavallini's signature Italian paper, and features images chosen from this rare collection of visual archives.

By Cavallini & Co. Find gift wrapping boxes, bags, paper & a fantastic variety of party supplies available in one place online.

Wedding Reception Decorations, Birthday Party Decorations & Supplies for All Occasions Cavallini Number & Symbols Small Rubber Stamp Set.

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sku: Beautiful tin of stamps for year-round use. £ You can earn a 5% commission by selling Cavallini & Co. Merveilles De La Mer Decorative Decoupage Poster Wrapping Paper Sheet on your website. It's easy to get started - we will give you example code.

Cavallini wrapping paper

Buy Cavallini Decorative Paper - Les Bicyclettes 20"x28" Sheet, Single-sided wrapping paper By Cavallini Papers Co From USA at Menu.

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This gorgeous sheet of wrapping paper reproduces a vintage classroom chart, showing the parts of the flower. Printed on Cavallini's signature Italian archival paper, this fine gift wrap is good enough to be hung on the wall, or used in a variety of crafts.

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