Challenging adventure

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Challenging adventure

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Discover mountain air, clear streams, rugged trails, rustic cabins, great food and an extraordinary staff in the North Georgia mountains, and inspire young people through experiential outdoor learning at Wahsega 4-H Center. Provide hands-on learning in real world environments and experience being part of the Georgia 4-H Challenging adventure Education Program—one of the nation's largest providers of residential environmental education.

Environmental Educators will teach classes in earth and life science, survival skills, team building and pioneer living skills. Now seeking Educators for the spring season mid-February to late May.

Challenging adventure

Camp Skylemar seeks male and female counselors, coaches, athletes, leaders, mentors, and role models who relish in sharing positive lessons and knowledge to boys! Staff are also involved with many special events, plus day and overnight trips. All staff members live on campus.

Male counselors team up with another staff member and live with a group of boys during the evening hours, while female counselors and leadership staff live separate from the boys. Applicants must have completed at least one year of college and make a commitment from June 12th Challenging adventure August 10th, If you are fun, energetic, creative, supportive and patient, a positive role model, enthusiastic about working with boys agesand comfortable teaching all levels, learn more.

Looking for the type of exciting outdoor hands-on job experience that puts you elbow deep in algae and knee deep in marsh mud, out on the open water on a research vessel, or splashing in the intertidal zone looking for marine Challenging adventure At Chincoteague Bay Field Stationyou can enjoy an incredible life experience minutes from the beach and in a gorgeous coastal setting, while sharing and expanding your knowledge and enthusiasm about the world we live in.

Educators will lead student groups through a coastal ecology program that spans the dynamic ecosystem of a barrier island including: Now accepting applications for Field Station Educators 7 openings to work from February 19th through mid-November—apply by December 2nd!

As a small, tight-knit community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts, Kayak Adventures Worldwide inspires small groups with the beauty and magnificence of Alaska wildlife, glaciers, and the rugged coastline through environmentally-focused sea kayaking trips. Sea kayaking skills are not necessary, but teaching, leadership, and environmental experiences are all really helpful.

The Logistics Coordinator will be directly involved in all aspects of the daily operations at the shop and will handle logistics, reservations, and customer service while maintaining a friendly, relaxed and supportive presence in a fast-paced work environment. A current driving record, resume, references, and a completed application is required by January 15th at the latest.

Empowering human abilities, real-life environment environments are used to deliver the core programs areas of daily living, the gardens, connections with nature, functional academics, recreation and community connections.

Broadening life skills, building confidence, and forming community connections, Tavon Learning Center is a nonprofit organization that provides active learning and community programs that build better lives for adults 18 years and older with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Now seeking Program Staff to ensure the quality, safety, and implantation of daily programming. Responsibilities include leading by example in a positive, engaging and equal manner to all staff, members, and families of Tavon, promoting an environment of accountability, respect, and teamwork, and creating a safe environment on-site and while engaged in outside community experiences.

If you are compassionate, hard-working, a reliable and communicative team member, and interested in teaching and helping others, send your cover letter and resume to Therese Vafaeezadeh. This is a full-time position from 8: Two positions are currently available. Check out a variety of unique job hunting, career and blog links or life-changing books.

Few roles are more fulfilling in life than the role of a Mentor, and few jobs offer the wide range of opportunities that RedCliff Ascent offers to its field staff. Hiking, camping, backpacking, beautiful scenery and dynamic interpersonal relationships all come with the job.

It's work without walls, without limits. This job will make you better, stronger, and more sure of who you are and what you want. During this time frame, you will be taught wilderness survival, therapeutic and communication skills.

So you gain a greater awareness of Nature's Classroom programs, staff members are encouraged to change their scenery and teach at other centers spread throughout New England and New York!

Through unique, hands-on experiential education programs, Nature's Classroom immerses student groups ranging between the 4th and 8th grades in community awareness, motivational learning and conservation of our natural resources at one of 13 centers in the Northeast. You will also be given the freedom to teach, grow and explore new areas for classes and programs.

All academic disciplines are welcome and no formal teaching experience or certification is required.

If you have a Bachelor's degree preferred and a strong commitment to children and learning, connect with Ashley Bame or apply now. Spring season positions run from late February to early June—exact dates vary by facility.

Challenging adventure

Become part of a special team of people who inspire a profound appreciation of ecological respect, interconnectedness and the joy of living. Through wilderness skills, creative arts and the exhilaration of outdoor fun and discovery, Green River Preserve Mentor Naturalists lead and teach challenging and nurturing learning experiences at this 3,acre private wildlife preserve in the Blue Ridge Mountains.Beyond Adventure is the ideal gap year and extreme leadership and business programme for young people aged We prepare the young mind for the challenges of adult life by facilitating leadership and business development, spiritual growth, improvement of physical fitness and self awareness.

Therefore, we endeavour to develop the individual as a whole. Outdoor Adventure Backpacks and Bags We carry great variety of high quality backpacks,rucksack and waterproof duffle bag for outdoor adventures hiking,camping, trekking,backpacking,climbing,cycling and mountaineering.W aterproof dry bags is important to keep your gear dry during water sport adventures scuba diving,kayaking,snorkeling,white water rafting and surfing.

we carry brands of Deuter. Designed to harmonize with the tropical flavor of the Island, Monaleo Adventure golf features two challenging hole courses lined with native vegetation, volcanoes, rapids, dinosaur fossils, and .

An exploration of art history, elements and principles. An adventure in art history by Educational Web Adventures Teachers' Resources An art history game about Vincent Van Gogh. Enter the Adventure Mine by the No. 2 adit and experience the miner's life underground. Walk through tunnels and see large rooms where pure copper and silver was removed.

Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon urbanagricultureinitiative.comed by Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network Studios, the series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape and size at will.

Inside Art: An Art History Game