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Chocoban ltd

Chocoban is a well-established producer and marketer of the finest boxed chocolate and was started ten years ago by two partners, Henry See and John Juan. Prior to their partnership, Henry was marketing vice-president while John served as comptroller in a candy company with national distribution.

The two men agreed at the outset that Henry would handle distribution and marketing and John would look after production, accounting and company finances; overall planning and major decisions would be agreed upon by both.


The partners have decided to position the company product in the medium-high price range. They were successful in developing and selling a quality chocolate and enjoyed an edge over competition. Their single manufacturing plant served a densely populated market.

With increasing customer acceptance, 20 retail outlets were opened. Until recently, growth seemed limited only by financial resources. In the past months, however, each partner unearthed information that raised concern to both.

Reviewing costs, John discovered that production costs per kg of candy were rising with each new retail outlet opened. He realized that the company has outgrown the production expertise of the present management staff. He noted that sales have begun to drop off in several of the stores.

He found that in each instance, an aggressive competitor with a lower-priced line has moved into their territory. I feel strongly that we should develop a cheaper line as quickly as possible, to sell for around half our present price.

We should cut our production of the premium line to half its present rate and use the extra cocoa beans for our new line. A week later, John met with Henry again, this time to report his findings.

We think each recipe will satisfy the public, but neither comes near our premium line in quality. We have names to suggest for each formulation: The only new equipment we will need is a mixer and a molder, and I have located both, available on a lease arrangement with immediate delivery.

I have put some costs together, that include the leasing arrangement, new boxes, and all other expected production expenses. I have put this information, schedule, etc. - 福原・神戸のソープ|おいらのチョコばなな |

You will see that every kg of the premium line now yields P43 in contribution, while Chocodant will yield only P Finally, I question whether we should go to an inferior candy that might destroy our quality image.

Are you sure we can sell candy to our customers at these prices? New Product Considerations New Equipment There is no restriction on how the mixer and molder can be used, except that only one or the other product can be on the mixer at one time, and the same applies to the molder.

Thus, Chocodant can be on mixing while Chocomer is molding. The reverse is also true.

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Both products require these two manufacturing stages and they must share time on the equipment. The mixing machine can process kg of Chocodant daily or kg of Chocomer.

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The molding machine can process kg of Chocodant daily or kg of Chocomer. Cost and Pricing Production costs exclusive of cost of cocoa beans: The cost of cocoa beans as presently carried on the books is P9.

In the past, the cost has ranged from P7.RAHFO CONSTRUCTION CORP. RAHFO CONSTRUCTION CORP DOS ID is It's DOS Process Name is RAHFO CONSTRUCTION It's DOS process address is WEST 15 STREET BROOKLYN NEW YORK , Entity type of business is DOMESTIC BUSINESS jurisdiction state or country is NEW YORK.

View Case 1 Chocolatier from TREDFOR at De La Salle University. Case 1: CHOCOLATIER Ltd.

Chocoban ltd

The company is a well-established producer and marketer of the finest boxed chocolates, started. Heroic Leadership - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

BEDFORD DEVELOPMENT GROUP LLC is a business entity registered in the state of New York under the legal form of DOMESTIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. It can be found in the register by the DOS ID The company was established and set into the register at 5th March and its current status is ACTIVE.

The mini chocoban was something very new to my taste. It was delicious and i enjoyed every bite of it. The taste was very palatable and the chocolate in the bun was amazing.

The cafe mocha was good too, nothing extraordinary but the quantity was a lot compared to the price. I was so full after that mini chocoban that i coudnt order anything more.

Chocoban ltd

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