Comparison between tod homer and miss

Student Answers mkcapen1 Student The two characters contrast in regards to their life styles and reasons for their actions. Miss Emily is a southern belle who has been put on a pedestal by her father. No suitor was good enough for her.

Comparison between tod homer and miss

Production[ edit ] Filming began on February 23,almost a year before the movie's release. Although the film takes place in West Virginia, Tennessee was the location of choice for filming in part because of the weather and area terrain. Film crews reconstructed the sites to look like the mining town setting the movie demanded.

The weather of east Tennessee gave the filmmakers trouble and delayed production of the film. Cast and Crew recalled the major weather shifts and tornadoes in the area during the filming months but Joe Johnston claims, "ultimately, the movie looks great because of it.

It gave the film a much more interesting and varied look. Director Joe Johnston expressed that he felt that the looks of the mine in the film gave it an evil look, like the mine was the villain in the film. And felt it ironic because that is what gave the town its nourishment. More than extras were used in the movie.

A small switching yard allowed the filmmakers and actors to film the scenes with the boys on the rail road and gave them freedom to do as they pleased, even tear apart tracks.

The train used in the scene was the former Southern Railway relettered as Norfolk and Western Filming concluded on April 30, In an interview inNatalie Canerday recalled that Gyllenhaal was tutored on set because he was still in school and taking advanced classes. At its widest theater release, 1, theaters were showing the movie.

The critic's consensus states: A lot of reviews focus on the main character's relationship with his father and on the actors' performances. Roger Ebert recognized that the film "doesn't simplify the father into a bad guy or a tyrant.

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He understandably wants his son to follow in his footsteps, and one of the best elements of the movie is in breaking free, he is respecting his father. This movie has deep values. There are no winners or losers when sons go their separate ways. October Sky does not illustrate good parenting; rather, it evokes the realization that since parents have only a limited vision of how to shape their children's future, the job requires a huge amount of love and a lot of divine assistance.

Homer Hickam is the main character's name; however, in the book and in real life he was nicknamed "Sonny". This was changed in an effort to keep the audience from being confused.

Some of the movie's representations of the characters are combinations of the real life boys. He did, however, work in the mine the following summer, as described in Hickam's book Sky of Stone [15] Homer never met Wernher von Braun- he left the room and von Braun was gone when he came back [16] Cultural impact[ edit ] There are two annual festivals in honor of the Rocket Boys and the movie that are held.

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One is held in West Virginia where the real life events that the book and film took place, and the other is in Tennessee where the movie was actually shot.

The "Rocket Boys" often visit the festival in West Virginia on a regular basis, and it is also called the "Rocket Boys Festival", while the festival in Tennessee focuses more on the filming locations being the relevance to the movie.

The Tennessee festival's site claims that the festival is "a celebration of our heritage.The Day of the Locust is a novel by American author Nathanael West set in Hollywood, Richard Gehman writes that the novel was "more ambitious" than Miss Lonelyhearts and "showed marked progress in West's thinking and in his approach toward maturity as a writer." Tod befriends Homer .

Get an answer for 'Compare and contrast Emily in "A Rose for Emily" and Matt in "Killings".no' and find homework help for other A Rose for Emily questions at eNotes. Readers coming to The Day of the Locust after reading Miss Lonelyhearts should also be prepared for other differences.

The characters in the later novel are also grotesques and composites, but many of them are aware of their artificiality and have accepted it as necessary to their survival.

The Simpsons is an American animated television series created by Matt Groening for the FOX Broadcasting Company.

Comparison between tod homer and miss

The series is a satirical parody of a working-class American lifestyle epitomized by its eponymous family, which consists of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. Tod, Homer, and Miss Lonelyhearts Another Well Thought Out Essay Tod Hackett, Homer Simpson, and Miss Lonelyhearts from Nathanael West’s novels “The Day of the Locust” and “Miss Lonelyhearts” all try to satisfy their desires with sexual wants, and violence.

Homer is a bit different from Tod, and Miss Lonelyhearts in this area. Homer is more understandable on a psychological level. At first, Homer seems as though he is uneducated, and also very clumsy.

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