Drama writing assignment

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Drama writing assignment

The journals will be submitted five 5 times during drama writing assignment semester.

drama writing assignment

Be sure to address the following each time you turn in a set of electronic journals: Respond to each journal topic on a single page. Do not include more than one journal response on a single page.

Include the assigned journal topic at the top of each page. Do not re-write the directions, only the title which you will find in quotation marks before the directions. Do not precede or exceed the length requirements. Unless cited in these guidelines, follow all MLA writing guidelines.

Submit your journals on the due date. Grading Criteria - Your journals will be based on the following criteria: Journal responses are not random thoughts. They are critical responses to the lectures, readings, and writing assignments. In each response I am looking for some careful thought and consideration toward the topic.

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From reading your responses I need to know that you have acquired the knowledge and have a good understanding of the lectures, readings, and writing assignments. There is no leniency given to late or incomplete assignments. Any journal set that is not turned in complete or on time will receive a zero 0.

Give examples of how readers may experience the land of fantasy and make believe through fiction. Journal Topic 2 - "Learning about Literature" - Tell why it is important to learn literary terms while learning about literature.

Explain how knowing literary terms and concepts helps one understand and appreciate literature more. Journal Topic 3 - "Critically Analyzing Literature" - What is meant by critically analyzing a literary work? Tell how understanding setting is helpful in understanding other aspects of a literary text.

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Journal Topic 2 - "Understanding and Appreciating Literature" - Explain why it is important that students take literature courses in college. Then tell how students can use what they learn in a literature class in the rest of their life.

Journal Topic 3 - "Themes in Literature and Life" - Explain how themes from literary works can help one understand certain situations in life. Tell how the actions and stories in literature are similar to those in life.

Week 3 Journal Topic 1 - "Interpreting Literature" - Explain how interpreting literature too deeply is not effective. Go on to tell how it is possible that readers can form a consensus of meaning.

Journal Topic 3 - "Poetry Up Till Now " - Tell what has been your experiences learning to read, comprehend, and explicate poetry? Although they never change, explain why that type of stability is good for a story. Finally give some examples of flat characters we have seen in television and movies and what their roles have added to a t.

Journal Topic 3 - "If I Were a Character in a Story" - If you were a character in a short story, would you be a round or flat character? Choose a well-known U. Then describe what are the possibilities of different storylines if you read a story about the city you have chosen that was written in Journal Topic 2 - "Future Storylines" - For this journal entry you will follow the directions for the previous journal topic.

However, this time you will describe what are the possibilities of different storylines if you read a story about the city you have chosen that was written in Journal Topic 3 - "Memphis in a Story" - If you were to read a story that was set in Memphis, TN, in what ways could you predict the storyline.

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Essay Assignment 3: Writing about Drama (Back) Due Dates Wednesday, October Draft of at least words due for peer critique. Attach your word-processing file to a message under "Drafts for Peer Critique" in the Unit 3 conference of WebBoard.

Friday, October Revised Draft of at least words due. Liane was born on a beautiful November day in in Sydney. A few hours after she was born, she smiled directly at her father through the nursery glass window, which is remarkable, seeing as most babies can’t even focus their eyes at that age.

Dramatic literature: Dramatic literature, the texts of plays that can be read, as distinct from being seen and heard in performance. The term dramatic literature implies a contradiction in that literature originally meant something written and drama meant something performed.

Most of the problems, and much of the. Great movie from writer Dan Gordon with an inside look into Israeli security issues. An intelligent film with great actors. The studio went under a month after it was released, so it .

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