Georg kresse phd thesis

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Georg kresse phd thesis

The Cutting Edges of Karst into the 21st Century. Department of the Interior U. Kuniansky and Lawrence E. Spangler Scientific Investigations Report U.

Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia: Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report1 55 p. Although this report is in the public domain, permission must be secured from the individual copyright owners to reproduce any copyrighted material contained within this report.

The Cutting Edges of Karst into the 21st Century A Digital Map Compilation and Database The Edwards and Madison Aquifers The depositional environments, diagenetic processes, post depositional tectonic events, and geochemical weathering proce sses that form karst aquifers are varied and complex, and involve biological, chemical, and physical changes.

These factors, combined with the diverse climatic regimes under which karst development in these rocks has taken place, result in the unique dual or triple porosity nature of karst aquifers.

These complex hydrogeologic systems typically represent challenging and unique conditions to scientists attempting to study groundwater flow and contaminant transport in these terrains.

The dissolution of carbonate rocks and the subsequent development of distinct and beautiful landscapes, caverns, and springs has resulted in the most exceptional karst areas of the United States being designated as national or state parks; commercial caverns and known privately owned caves number in the tens of thousands.

Both public and private properties provide access for scientists to study the flow of groundwater in situ Likewise, the range and complexity of landforms and groundwater flow systems associated with karst terra ins are enormous, perhaps more Georg kresse phd thesis for any other aquifer type.

Karst aquifers and landscapes that form in tropical areas, such as the cockpit karst along the north coast of Puerto Rico, differ greatly from karst landforms in more arid climates, such as th e Edwards Plateau in west central Texas or the Guadalupe Mountains near Carlsbad, New Mexico, where hypogenic processes have played a major role in speleogenesis.

Many of these public and private lands also contain unique flora and fauna associated with th ese karst hydrogeologic systems.

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As a result, numerous federal, s tate, and local agencies have a strong interest in the study of karst terrains. Many of the major springs and aquifers in the United States have developed in carbonate rocks, such as the Flor idan aquifer system in Florida and parts of Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina; the Ozark Plateau s aquifer system in parts of Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma; and the EdwardsTrinity aquifer system in west central Texas.

These aquifers, and the springs that discharge from them, serve as major water supply sources and as unique ecological habitats. Competition for the water resources of karst aquifers is common, and urban development and the lack of attenuation of contaminants in karst areas can i mpact the ecosystem and water quality of these aquifers.

The concept for developing a platform for interaction among scientists within the U. The primary mission of the KIG is to encourage and support interdisciplinary collaboration and technology transfer among scientists working in karst areas. Additionally, the KIG encourages collaborative studies between the dif ferent mission areas of the USGS as well as other federal and state agencies, and with researchers from academia and institutes.

The KIG also encourages younger scientist s by participation of students in the poster and oral sessions. To accomplish its miss ion, the KIG has organized a series of workshops that are held near nationally important karst areas.

To date six KIG workshops, including the workshop documented in this report, have been held. The workshops typically include oral and poster sessions on selected karst related topics and research, as well as field trips to local karst features.

Proceedings of the workshops are published by the USGS and are available online at http: The second KIG workshop was held August, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, in proximity to the carbonate a quifers of the northern Shenandoah Valley and highlighted an invited presentation on karst literature by the late Barry F.

The workshop featured an outstanding field trip to the unique karst terrain along the Buffalo National River of the southern Ozarks and a keynote presentation on paleokarst in the United States by Art and Peggy Palmer. The keynote speaker is Dr. Articles submitted by un iversity researchers and other federal and state agenci es did not go through the formal USGS peer review and approval process and therefore may not adhere to our editorial standards or stratigraphic nomenclature and is not research conducted or data collected by the USGS However, all articles had at a minimu m of two peer reviews, and a ll articles were edited for consistency of appearance in the published P roceedings.

The use of trade, firm or product names in any article is for descriptive purposes only and does not imply endorsement by the U. A digital map compilation and database by David Weary and Dan Doctor 9: Concepts and considerations by George Veni Van Brahana, moderator 1: Department of the Interior panelists:Bournemouth University, School of Applied Sciences, PhD Thesis, pp.

Broughton, Richard K.. Nest defence behaviour by marsh tits in response to a stuffed weasel. Georg Kresse (Institut für Materialphysik, Universität Wien) "Ultra-thin vanadium oxides on Rh() and the () surface of V 2 O 3: Insight from DFT" Back to top. Theory - Chemistry Research Interest Group.

Alternative Approaches to Chemical Risk Assessment: Assays, Databases, Models. Dr Richard Judson is a research chemist at the US EPA's. Musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra. This website has two listings of musicians of the great Philadelphia Orchestra: A listing of the Principal Musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra with short biographical notes and photographs.

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Georg kresse phd thesis

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