Hidden benefits of azhar park project

March 18, Azhar Park With about 30 square centimetres of green space per resident, Egypt's capital, Cairo is one of the densest cities on the planet. The modern city centre has all the bustle of a capital city, with rich and poor vying for space. Neglected Old Cairo has a more traditional pace. But the people who live among its crumbling buildings have yet to enjoy the benefits of modernization.

Hidden benefits of azhar park project

History[ edit ] Beginnings under the Fatimids[ edit ] An entrance to the mosque and university. The Minaret of Qunsah al Ghuri is visible on the right. Al-Azhar University is one of the relics of the Isma'ili Shi'a Fatimid dynasty era of Egypt, descended from Fatimahdaughter of Muhammad and wife of Ali son-in-law and cousin of Muhammad.

Fatimah, was called Al-Zahra the luminousand it was named in her honor. Fatimid Caliphs always encouraged scholars and jurists to have their study-circles and gatherings in this mosque and thus it was turned into a university which has the claim to be considered as the oldest University still functioning.

According to Syed Farid Alatas, the Jami'ah had faculties in Islamic law and jurisprudenceArabic grammarIslamic astronomyIslamic philosophyand logic.

The Greek thought found a warm reception with the Fatimids who expanded the boundaries of such studies. They paid much attention to philosophy and gave support to everyone who was known for being engaged in the study of any branch of philosophy.

The Fatimid Caliph invited many scholars from nearby countries and paid much attention to college books on various branches of knowledge and in gathering the finest writing on various subjects and this in order to encourage scholars and to uphold the cause of knowledge. These books were destroyed by Saladin.

Many were burned, thrown into the Nile, or thrown into a great heap, which was covered with sand, so that a regular "hill of books" was formed and the soldiers used to sole their shoes with the fine bindings. The number of books said to have disposed of varies fromto 2, Before that date, the Encyclopaedia of Islam classifies the Al-Azhar variously as madrasa, center of higher learning and, since the 19th century, religious university, but not as a university in the full sense, referring to the modern transition process as "from madrasa to university".


Although al-Azhar is not monolithic, its identity has been strongly associated with Sufism. The current Shaykh al-Azhar rector of the schoolAhmed el-Tayebis a hereditary Sufi shaykh from Upper Egypt who has recently expressed his support for the formation of a world Sufi league; the former Grand Mufti of Egypt and senior al-Azhar scholar Ali Gomaa is also a highly respected Sufi master.

The fatwa encompassed all present and future liberal mosques. In Julyafter the law restricting Al-Azhar University's autonomy was modified by the incoming president Mohamed Morsithe Council was reformed. Once the remaining 14 vacancies are filled, new vacancies will be appointed by the existing Council itself.

This marks the first time that the Grand Mufti would be elected by Islamic scholars since the position was created in Prior to this, the Egyptian head of state made the appointment. Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawy noted that among the priorities of Muslims are "to master all knowledge of the world and the hereafter, not least the technology of modern weapons to strengthen and defend the community and faith".

He added that "mastery over modern weaponry is important to prepare for any eventuality or prejudices of the others, although Islam is a religion of peace". He has made declarations about Muslims interacting with non-Muslims who are not a threat to Muslims.

There are non-Muslims living apart from Muslims and who are not enemies of Islam "Muslims are allowed to undertake exchanges of interests with these non-Muslims so long as these ties do not tarnish the image of the faith"and there are "the non-Muslims who live in the same country as the Muslims in cooperation and on friendly terms, and are not enemies of the faith" "in this case, their rights and responsibilities are the same as the Muslims so long as they do not become enemies of Islam".

Shi'a fiqh according to a fatwa by Al-Azhar, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam [25] is accepted as a fifth school of Islamic thought.

Hidden benefits of azhar park project

On freedom of speech[ edit ] In OctoberMuhammad Sayyid Tantawythen the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, drew allegations of stifling freedom of speech when he asked the Egyptian government to toughen its rules and punishments against journalists.

During a Friday sermon in the presence of Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and a number of ministers, Tantawy was alleged to have stated that journalism which contributes to the spread of false rumours rather than true news deserved to be boycotted, and that it was tantamount to sinning for readers to purchase such newspapers.

Tantawy, a supporter of then Egyptian President Hosni Mubarakalso called for a punishment of eighty lashes to "those who spread rumors" in an indictment of speculation by journalists over Mubarak's ill health and possible death.

During a religious celebration in the same month, Tantawy had released comments alluding to "the arrogant and the pretenders who accuse others with the ugliest vice and unsubstantiated charges". In response, Egypt's press union issued a statement suggesting that Tantawy appeared to be involved in inciting and escalating a campaign against journalists and freedom of the press.The Al-Azhar Park is important for tourists to Egypt because this hilly site is surrounded by the most significant historic districts of Islamic Cairo.

This is one of the primary destinations for many visitors to the city, and this new park located in its heart provides many advantages, including a. The future of Azhar park lies not so much with the projects planners as with the next generation of people who will live alongside it. The children of Darb al Ahmar are a focus for the cultural aspect of the project – employing local people was a way of building trust.

Of course the city’s most famous park, Al Azhar, is run by a subcontractor, which is what the creators of Imbaba’s new park seek to emulate. A report from last May confirms that the management of the park, which had been built by public funds, is now up for bidding.

Al Azhar Park November Eid 1, Cairo, urbanagricultureinitiative.com - Duration: 4 minutes, 13 seconds. Ground broke on the project in , after planners figured out how to integrate enormous USAID-funded water tanks into the design. Planning the park, which is bordered by Al-Azhar and Salah Salem streets, was a rare opportunity .

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