Highwayman writing activities

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Highwayman writing activities

Buy this book Alfred Noyes's famous poem still has the power to thrill us as we read the story of the highwayman and his doomed love for Bess, the landlord's black-eyed daughter. Charles Keeping's stunning illustrations won this book the Kate Greenaway Medal in Alfred Noyes Teaching Ideas and Resources: English Read the poem with the class.

Stop at different places and ask the children to predict what might happen next. Look at the images in the book.

Year 5/6 Additional text-based unit – The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Hot seating - ask a child to take on the role of one of the characters. Freeze-frame different parts of the story.

Ask children to pose different scenes from the poem. You can then quiz them about their role in the poem.

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Create some character profiles of the different people in the story. What words would you use to describe each of them? The poem uses lots of metaphors to describe things.

Look at the use of rhyming within the poem.

highwayman writing activities

Can you think of other rhyming words? Some of the words in the poem are not in common use today. Can you find out what they mean?


Some words and phrases in the poem are repeated a number of times. Discuss why Alfred Noyes decided to do this. Can you think of other examples of onomatopoeia? Write a diary entry from the point of view of the Highwayman at different points in the story.

Look at the use of different types of punctuation within the poem and identify why they have been used each time. Computing Retell the story through the use of digital photographs and combine them using Powerpoint or a similar tool.

Art Could you make an animation which retells the story? Here is an example of an animation made by a class of children:TeachersFirst’s ready-to-go, projectable classroom activities are designed for either whole class or student-centered use.

The range of subjects and grades is broad, spanning from poetry and literary devices to important historic events. Explore every facet of the story through speaking and listening activities, debate and discussion, guided reading, creative writing, quizzes, games and crafts.

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This teacher resource book contains everything you need to share The Highwayman with your class. A daily photo to enhance your teaching with inspiring activities. Handwriting. A whole school approach to revolutionise handwriting teaching.

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The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels) [Kerrigan Byrne] on urbanagricultureinitiative.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Library Journal Best Book of A Library Journal Summer Spotlight Title They're rebels. The Highwayman. 16 task cards. Use the haunting love poem, "The Highwayman," by Alfred Noyes, to teach your students how to closely analyze poetry through the use of task cards. This lesson plan includes 4 pre reading task cards and 12 post reading task cards that require students to analyze character motivation, setting, conflict, plot, and much more. Understanding vocabulary and figurative language deepens reading comprehension skills and enriches the writing process. This year, third graders will be taking their vocabulary to new heights and exploring such concepts as metaphor, simile, hyperbole, and personification.

Save for Later. The Highwayman Writing Frames. Each student received a copy of the poem, "The Highwayman", by Edward Noyes.

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We talked about the length of a poem and that it was a narrative poem. Asking students what is a narrative, we then arrived at the definition of a narrative poem (a poem that tells a story).

Great for a variety of different activities, this set of writing frames includes 14 different images from the story of The Highwayman.

Each page features a different illustration for your children to colour, describe, label, and make up a story about - anything you like! Every morning at approximately am, thousands of children in the United Kingdom enter their classrooms to begin the school day.

Often, once or twice a week the children will answer the register and go straight into assembly or collective worship.

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