India in 2030 essay help

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India in 2030 essay help

Nov 01, Individual nations are working to find a solution to these challenges. However, there are many international dimensions for the cause and solutions.

Essay on my vision of india Get the answers you need, now!4/4(11). India in Essay. India is the Country of diversity - India in Essay introduction. It is the beauty if diversity that makes india a very unique country in every aspect be it .  This essay describes about the Incredible India which is an eco-tourism business in India. It basically focuses upon to identify the sustainable policies which they .

Hence, working for solutions is a collective responsibility of the global community. Ideas and innovations are no longer geographically or politically confined. An invention made today somewhere takes no time to find its market thousands of miles away.

Seamless flow of information and people also means that local or regional issues will invariably gain global prominence and unaddressed problems including poverty can mutate rapidly into global terrorism.

This flow of ideas has also led to increasing importance of global human rights and propagation of the idea of democracy. Based on detailed discussions in many educational institutions, citizens, organisations and disciplines across the world, I present a distinctive profile for the nations of the world in This will be a world of nations where the divide between rural and urban, rich and the poor, developed and developing has narrowed down.

Where there is an equitable distribution to energy and quality water. Where core competencies of each nation are identified. Missions synergising the core competencies of nations lead to economic advantage and faster development of societies. Where all students of all societies are imparted education with value system.

Where affordable quality healthcare is available to all. Here, governance will be responsive, transparent and corruption-free. Where crimes against women and children are absent and none in the society feels alienated.

A world in which every nation is able to give a clean, green environment to all citizens, is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy.

india in 2030 essay help

A world of nations with creative leadership to ensure mechanisms to resolve conflicts between nations and societies keeping peace and prosperity of the world as a goal. One of the goals is to reduce the rural-urban divide across the world.

More than three billion people live in rural regions and empowerment of these three billion is important from the perspective of inclusive development, sustained peace and shared prosperity.

Bridging of the rural-urban divide is closely linked with the mission of overcoming poverty and inequity.

How India Can Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by

Driven by the need for education, healthcare and income, the rural population is migrating to urban areas for better opportunities, often meeting with despair. This further contributes to urban poverty as well leading to stresses and societal turbulence.

The rural areas of the world have unharnessed resources, potential, youth and traditional skills. They have to be encouraged to add value. We would need to evolve sustainable development systems and deliver in an entrepreneurial manner. The need of the hour is the evolution of sustainable systems that act as enablers and bring inclusive growth and integrated development to nations of the world.

One such sustainable development system is the mission of provision ofurban amenities in rural areas Pura by creating three connectivities: The villages must be connected to themselves and to towns by good roads and, wherever needed, by railway lines.

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They must have other infrastructure like schools, colleges and hospitals. This is physical connectivity. Native knowledge has to be preserved and enhanced with latest tools of technology, training and research.

The villages have to have access to good education from good teachers, must have good medical treatment, and new information on pursuits such as agriculture, fishery, horticulture and food processing.

That means they have to have electronic connectivity.

Contextualizing the SDGs

Once physical and electronic connectivity are enabled, the knowledge connectivity is enabled. That can facilitate productivity, knowledge, healthcare transparency and access to markets.

Once the three connectivities are ensured, they facilitate earning capacity, leading to economic connectivity. When we provide urban amenities to rural areas, we can uplift rural areas, we can attract investors, we can introduce effectively useful systems like rural BPOs and microfinance.

The number of Pura for the wholeof India is estimated to be 7, covering 6,00, villages where million people live.

India will be world's 3rd largest economy by - Times of India

Similarly, about30, Pura complexes would berequired to convert the three billion rural population of the world into a vibrant economic zone and bringing sustainable development to rural areas.

There are operational Puras in India initiated by many educational and healthcare institutions, as well as industry and other institutions.

india in 2030 essay help

The government is already moving ahead with the implementation of Pura on the national scale across several districts of India.

The essence of Pura Activated is the belief that Pura enterprises of the next generation need to think of its relationship workforce as beyond being the provider of mere livelihood.Free Essays on Vision India Get help with your writing.

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India in Today, the difficulties of the world are destitution, lack of education, drinking water, spotless and environmentally friendly power vitality, fair dissemination of assets, quality instruction with values for all, beating societal lopsided characteristics, curing ailments, quality .

This year’s knowledge paper, ‘Higher Education in India: Vision ’ on the occasion of the FICCI Higher Education I am sure Vision would help us in going through this grind in the times of rapid social, cultural, political and.

i think india in will be very popular place for its historical and mysterical things that can amze any scientist,historian,archeologist,geographers NEW DELHI: India will be world’s third largest economy by but its energy demand will slow down to per cent, global energy giant BP plc.

Essay on my vision of india Get the answers you need, now!4/4(11).

How India Can Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by