Investigation into the viscosity of golden syrup essay

In this industrial sector, manufacturing products that meet the high demands of the end users poses a challenge to analysts. Therefore, related measurements must be quick and accurate and should not be too expensive. This particularly applies to physical measuring variables like viscosity.

Investigation into the viscosity of golden syrup essay

The area surrounding the mountain is highly populated. The volcano has very fluid basaltic lava with an unusually low silica content, which moves quickly.

During the eruption, the initial speed of the lava flow was estimated at kilometers per hour. When Nyiragongo erupted in Januarymore thanpeople were temporarily displaced when the lava, flowing at speeds of about 60 kilometers per hour, overran the town of Goma. Key Terms flow rate: A common mineral composed of silicon and oxygen.

Air fall material, such as ash, produced by a volcanic eruption. Prepare the test tubes and cups for each team prior to the experiment.

Pour 25 milliliters of each liquid into separate test tubes. Make sure each tube contains the same amount of liquid. Discuss the concept of viscosity with students. The viscosity of lava differs depending on the amount of silica in each type of lava.

Discuss some possible reasons why scientists might want to study lava viscosity. Organize students into teams and provide a set of materials to each team.

Viscosity of golden syrup - A-Level Science - Marked by

Explain to students that the different liquids model different types of lava. Tell students that they will be experimenting with how liquids differ in their viscosity and how liquid viscosity and rate of flow are related.

Before having students conduct the paper clip dropping experiment, tell them that one way to test the viscosity of a liquid is to drop an object into the liquid and find how long it takes the object to sink.

Discuss buoyancy and density and talk about why the same object must be used for each liquid. Have students conduct the experiments according to the instructions on their handouts.

Try to have students set up their ramps at about the same angles if ramp angles are not the same, results will be relative. When students have completed the activity, record average results for each student team for both experiments on the board.

Discuss the experiments and results.Investigation to determine the viscosity of glycerol Essay. A.

Investigation into the viscosity of golden syrup essay

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Apr 26,  · The sap is boiled down to a golden syrup with a distinct taste.

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The various grades are not necessarily indicative of quality, and tend to be idiosyncratic. The sugar in maple syrup is primarily sucrose, with some fructose and exorphin junkie.

Elizabeth Goeke - Geology. Search this site. Teaching resources. corn syrup viscosity experiments. corn syrup viscosity experiments. I had them do the entire activity as a single entity instead of dividing them up into groups;.

Pour 25 milliliters of each liquid into separate test tubes. Make sure each tube contains the same amount of liquid. Based on your investigation, describe the viscosity of the lava produced by. Student investigation Construct a series of solid shapes with cross-sections as shown in Figure 3.

Place them one at a time into a tank and allow water to flow round them.

The importance of viscosity measurement in food production