Life writing and ethics

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Life writing and ethics

The Ethics of Life Writing

Detailed info "My primary concern is with the ethics of representing vulnerable subjects—persons who are liable to exposure by someone with whom they are involved in an intimate or trust-based relationship, unable to represent themselves in writing, or unable to offer meaningful consent to their representation by someone else Of primary importance is intimate life writing—that done within families or couples, close relationships, or quasi-professional relationships that involve trust—rather than conventional biography, which can be written by a stranger.

The closer the relationship between writer and subject, the greater the vulnerability or dependency of the subject, the higher the ethical stakes, and the more urgent the need for ethical scrutiny.

Thomas Couser addresses complex contemporary issues; he investigates the role of disability in narratives of euthanasia and explores the implications of the Human Genome Project for life-writing practices in any age when many regard DNA as a code that "scripts" lives and shapes identity.

Throughout, his book is concerned with the ethical implications of the political and economic, as well as the mimetic, aspects of life writing.

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Vulnerable Subjects "Couser cares about all biographical subjects and the various authoring permutations that exist, but he is especially concerned with the truly vulnerable: Couser raises so many possibilities and problems, many that would never occur even to a sophisticated, knowledgeable, and caring scholar, that one is awestruck with trepidation.

He urges the embrace of key tenets of bioethics: I highly recommend this book to anyone studying ethics, life writing, or any of the chapter subjects. This book is critical reading not only for students and practitioners of life writing but also for ethicists, clinicians, and all who recognize the peril, vulnerability, liberation, and necessity of writing and reading of lives.

Ethics and Life Writing explores the moral perils of speaking for those who either cannot speak for themselves or can give no meaningful consent to being depicted by others.

The range of cases Couser entertains is remarkably broad, and many of them are fascinating Vulnerable Subjects is a fine read, opening up a discussion about the ethics of representing vulnerable others that is long overdue.

life writing and ethics

Couser has performed a valuable service by directing our attention to this underexplored issue, and we may perhaps leave it to others to continue the work that he has here begun.

Thomas Couser to be particularly gifted at clarifying the philosophical problems of life writing. And how should lives be valued?

Searching for answers to these hard questions, G. Thomas Couser grapples with a wide range of sensitive problem cases. His conclusions are judicious and never prescriptive.

There is no better guide than Couser to life writing today. Vulnerable Subjects is an absorbing and important book. Making Selves Vulnerable Subjects "When may life writing violate the privacy of its subject?

This question is the theme of this interesting, accessible examination of quandaries of authorial ethicsCouser explores life writing and betrayal (Chapter 1), outlines how he will apply the principles of biomedical ethics and ethnographical ethics to life writing (Chapter 2), and applies these principles to examples of collaborative autobiography (Chapter 3).

The Ethics of Life Writing Eakin, P.J., ed. New York: Cornell University Press, pp. ISBN: In examining the ethical considerations in the life writing genre (biography and autobiography), Eakin has assembled an interdisciplinary range of perspectives. Student Code of Conduct Essay Sample.

After reading the student code of conduct, and as both a student and a professional in the work place, I’ve realized that it is important to follow a code of ethics and integrity in all aspects of life.

Apr 01,  · The Ethics of Life Writing, skillfully edited by Paul John Eakin, addresses this fundamental question. The book is the result of eleven prominent 'life writers' writing, presenting, arguing, and re-writing their ideas on the ethics of writing from real life/5(16).

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"The Ethics of Life Writing brilliantly demonstrates how the ethical turn in the humanities is reshaping the study of life writing. The range of topics covered in this book—truth, moral inquiry, representing others, counterstories—provides ample proof of Paul John Eakin's opening assertion that 'ethics [is] the deep subject of autobiographical discourse.'"—James Phelan, editor of the.

For this reason, we are now seeing DNA as the "life script" of the individual and gene testing as the way to determine if that script will be one of triumph or of tragedy.

But, if we've learned anything from stories like Brave New World, it's that we don't want our lives—or our stories—written for us.

Vulnerable Subjects, Ethics and Life Writing