Marketing focus group

This enables the capture of a form of "native language" or "vernacular speech" to understand the situation Focus groups also provide an opportunity for disclosure among similar others in a setting where participants are validated. For example, in the context of workplace bullyingtargeted employees often find themselves in situations where they experience lack of voice and feelings of isolation. Use of focus groups to study workplace bullying therefore serve as both an efficacious and ethical venue for collecting data see, e. Focus groups are "One shot case studies" especially if they are measuring a property-disposition relationship within the social sciences, unless they are repeated.

Marketing focus group

Read more As few as three to five group members can still be effective since even with this small number there is sufficient scope for the cross fertilisation of ideas. Number of Groups There are no hard and fast rules for deciding how many group discussions should be held.

One is rarely ever sufficient, and even two is considered an absolute minimum, as even with two groups, a disparity of views would raise doubts as to which was correct.

To obtain a better feel and counter the possibility of a rogue response, it is therefore advisable to conduct three or four groups. Due to the saturation of ideas, the benefit of more than say eight is questionable.

A large number of groups is justified only if it is thought necessary to hold separate discussions with different classes of respondent e. Venues and Timing of Groups Focus group discussions can Marketing focus group place in a number of locations.

It is common for viewing centres to be used for both consumer and business groups. It is, not uncommon for business groups to take place in hotels, at courses and conventions or at trade exhibitions.

The venue must be easily accessible to all, preferably well known in the area and with good car parking facilities. The memory lingers of holding a group for independent pharmacists at a Hotel in the centre of Birmingham where the directions to the hotel were poor, and the parking turned out to be an expensive public car park with no concession for hotel users.

The room in which the group is to be held should be inspected in advance. It needs to be small and intimate. It should also be free from traffic noise or piped music. It should be set up in board room style for business groups, though a less formal set up is adopted for consumer groups.

The table should be the appropriate size for the number of respondents expected. Too small can be too cosy and too large can be very off-putting and distant. The equipment for recording i. If the group is being conducted in a viewing centre, this will be taken care of by the viewing centre; otherwise, the moderator will take this responsibility.

Working hours are a favourite time for holding most business to business groups, and the evening is favourite for consumer groups. However, the combination of travelling time to the venue and the duration of the group itself takes at least two hours and puts pressure on busy schedules and needs to be considered when setting the group times.

Many business to business groups have been held very successfully at conferences and seminar locations.

Marketing focus group

Here, the captive audience makes recruitment easier and the abundance of suitable rooms makes this an ideal choice amongst some professional groups. Getting Respondents to Attend Because group discussions rely on such a small number of respondents, it is essential that care is taken to recruit the right profile.

The ideal profile must be decided at an early stage and might include any of the following criteria: Job function of status Awareness of a product or company User or past user of a product or company Represent a company of a certain size or buying volume A list is constructed of companies for interview, and recruitment begins by telephone.

A recruitment questionnaire provides a screen to eliminate respondents that do not meet the criteria and collects advance data on basic questions. The success of a group discussion is dependent on meeting the target attendance rate.

The prospect of the group discussion should therefore be made to sound inviting, and barriers which could prevent attendance must be removed. Several techniques are used by the recruiter to ensure the maximum attendance from those recruited to the group.

If an interest has been generated in the topic area, the respondent is more likely to attend.

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The recruiter needs to sound enthusiastic and make the respondent feel that they have been specially selected to attend the group. It is usual to give an incentive to respondents to attend, and this can help.

Testing reactions amongst builders to a new building product can be incentivised by free products and equipment which often has a value to the respondent that is higher than the financial payment. After the initial approach has been made and a promise of attendance has been obtained, a letter should be sent confirming the arrangements.

The letter acts formally to remind the respondent of the date, the time and the venue and verifies the purpose of the project. The content and construction of the letter must be businesslike, fully descriptive and emphasise the importance of attendance. A map showing the location of the venue should be enclosed.Participate in a paid focus group, test new products, taste new snacks and beverages, watch new TV shows, take online surveys, and more!

Join our panel today to . Jul 14,  · Not only are focus groups useful for learning more about your customers, but the Internet has made it easier than ever to conduct focus urbanagricultureinitiative.comon: W.

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Marketing focus group

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