Price discovery in illiquid market

It is a term which is used in finance to describe how assets are being priced based on the value that is given on it by the open market instead of considering its true intrinsic value. Indeed, this procedure has contributed to the subprime crisis as illiquid assets are priced to markets that really don't exist. So, what does Mark-To-Market mean in futures trading?

Price discovery in illiquid market

We are not irrational: By most accounts and my own reading of many of his published works and his memoir, MisbehavingThaler is also Price discovery in illiquid market a nice guy — and rather un-arrogant. A refreshing contrast from most economists.

But is he deserving of the Nobel? The main criticism of the work of Thaler and of other behavioral economists is that its conclusions are plainly obvious, if not to economists blinded to reality, then to generations of psychologists, marketers and hucksters.

And very true, such work would probably not be quite as agreeable to the Nobel committee for awards in physics, chemistry or medicine. In helping to introduce psychology into economics, and in shepherding behavioral economics from its backwater infancy to mainstream acceptance and political prominence, Thaler has done more to influence the field of economics than perhaps any other academic economist in the past few decades.

A lifetime achievement award as it is. Obvious or not, the key insight of behavioral economics is that we the people, do not behave the way economists and their models thought we did.

Or think we should. In a nutshell, we do not always make decisions that maximize our wealth. And by showing evidence of this fact time and time again using simple experiments, questionnaires and financial data, a Noble Prize was won.

I have no problem with that. But I do have a problem, and the problem is this. Rationality and utility Now we must get slightly technical.

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What exactly does it mean for an individual to behave rationally? So, rationality does NOT imply a decision that winds up resulting in a good outcome. It solely implies that my intent in making a decision was in my best interests given available information.

And here is where we will really begin to deviate from the economic mainstream. Now I must be less precise because nobody, neither philosophers nor economists, have agreed upon what exactly constitutes utility.

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Some say it is a measure of happiness or pleasure. Some punt and just say, it is whatever it is that I maximize. I think we can shed a bit more light. These include, first, basic life necessities such as water, food and good health.

Given that humans are social animals with strong incentives to reproduceour utility is also made up of social desires such as love, friendship, companionship, sex and status status is something to which we will very importantly return again and again.

At any given moment of time or least when we are consciouseach of us have some level of utility.

Price discovery in illiquid market

The components of utility will clearly vary from person to person and within a given person, from moment to moment. Even though utility is not necessarily quantifiable, each of us are capable of judging or estimating whether a given action will likely result in greater or lesser utility to us.

So two final but crucial wrinkles that we need to discuss. And lastly, note that we weight future utility by the likelihood of the events occurring that would result in that level of quantity of utility. Our brains do this implicitly, kind of the same way a baseball player can calculate the optimal path to run in order to catch a fly ball without knowing the first thing about physics or parabolas.

Before we move on, I will admit a few things.OPIS complies with all international standards for price reporting agencies set forth by IOSCO, the International Organization of Securities Commissions for spot market pricing. From a quantitative perspective, investing in real estate is somewhat like investing in stocks.

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