Pro writing aid voucher sample

According to the American Council on Education, more than half of this demographic were first generation college students and in the low-income bracket.

Pro writing aid voucher sample

Both tools allow you to paste a block of text and analyze it for a variety of potential problems.

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Both have free online versions and expanded subscription packages for purchase. This weekend, while editing Book Two of the Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy, I gave them a side-by-side test drive using a chapter from this work-in-progress.

Don't get me wrong--I like AutoCrit. It has some excellent tools and I probably got my money's worth out of it a long time ago.

I'm not going to bore you with a side-by-side comparison, as many of the same features are available on both tools. This Pro Writing Aid page has a side-by-side comparison remember--this is their own page, so account for some potential bias.

As you can see, Pro Writing Aid has more features, especially for free.

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I know more is not always necessarily better, but when it comes to free, it's hard to beat. I also found some report output variation between the two. For instance, although using my same block of text produced nearly identical overused words reports, the cliche reports were quite different.

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pro writing aid voucher sample

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