Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

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Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

It is also a process that helps identifies not just weaknesses of a person, but also their strengths. Psychological testing is not a single test or even a single type of test.

Some tests are used to determine IQ, others are used for personality, and still others for something else. Psychological testing is divided into four primary types: Clinical Interview Assessment of Intellectual Functioning IQ Personality Assessment Behavioral Assessment In addition to these primary types of psychological assessment, other kinds of psychological tests are available for specific areas, such as aptitude or achievement in school, career or work counseling, management skills, and career planning.

The Clinical Interview The clinical interview is a core component of any psychological testing. Many types of mental health professionals can conduct a clinical interview — psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, psychiatric nurses, amongst others. The clinical interview is an opportunity for the professional to gather important background and family data about the person.

You may have to recall or review a lot of your life and personal history with the professional, who will often ask specific questions about various stages in your life.

This is most often done for basic demographic information, but can also include structured diagnostic interview questions to help the clinicians formulate an initial diagnostic impression. Before any formal psychological testing is done, a clinical interview is nearly always conducted even if the person has already gone through one with a different professional.

Psychologists conducting the testing will often want to form their own clinical impressions, which can be best done through a direct interview with the person. Assessment of Intellectual Functioning IQ Your IQ — intellectual quotient — is a theoretical construct of a measure of general intelligence.

Psyc 321 exam 2 notes

Intelligence tests are the more common type administered and include the Stanford-Binet and the Wechsler scales. Neuropsychological assessment — which can take up to 2 days to administer — is a far more extensive form of assessment. It is focused not just on testing for intelligence, but also on determining all of the cognitive strengths and deficits of the person.

Neuropsychological assessment is most usually done with people who have suffered some sort of brain damage, dysfunction or some kind of organic brain problem, just as having a brain hemorrhage. It generally takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to administer, and is appropriate for any individual aged 16 or older to take.Course Summary Psychology Intro to Psychology has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to over 2, colleges and universities.

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