The duchess of malfi

Their spy in her household is Bosola, her master of horse. The duchess falls in love with her steward, Antonio, and marries him secretly. Later, she secretly bears a son.

The duchess of malfi

And Hoppo, too, and Hellwain, too; We lack but you, we lack but you.

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Come away, make up the count. I will but 'noint, and then I mount. A spirit like a cat descends.

The duchess of malfi

There's one comes down to fetch his dues, A kiss, a coll, a sip of blood, And why thou stay'st so long I muse, I muse, Since the air's so sweet and good.

Oh, art thou come? What news, what news? Now I am furnish'd for the flight. Now I go, now I fly, Malkin my sweet spirit and I. Oh, what a dainty pleasure 'tis To ride in the air When the moon shines fair And sing, and dance, and toy, and kiss; Over woods, high rocks, and mountains, Over seas, [over misty] fountains, Over [steeples,] towers, and turrets, We fly by night, 'mongst troops of spirits.

No ring of The duchess of malfi to our ears sounds, No howls of wolves, no yelps of hounds, No, not the noise of water's breach Or cannon's throat our height can reach.

No ring of bells, etc. You must be gambolling i' th' air and leave me to walk here like a fool and a mortal.


I am not quite out of my wits: I know a bawd from an aqua vite shop, a strumpet from wildfireand a beadle from brimstone. Now shall I try the honesty of a great woman soundly; she reck'ning the duke's made away, I'll be hang'd if I be not the next now.

If I trust her, as she's a woman, let one of her long hairs wind about my heart and be the end of me, which were a piteous, lamentable tragedy, and might be entitled A Fair Warning for All Hair Bracelets.

Already there's an insurrection Among the people; they are up in arms Not out of any reason, but their wills, Which are in them their saints, sweating and swearing Out of their zeal to rudeness that no stranger, As they term her, shall govern over them, They say they'll raise a duke among themselves first.

Oh, Almachildes, I perceive already Our loves are born to crosses! We're beset By multitudes, and which is worse, I fear me Unfriended too of any. My chief care Is for thy sweet youth's safety. He that puts confidence In them dies openly to the sight of all men, Not with his friends and neighbours in peace private, But as his shame, so his cold farewell is, Public and full of noise.

But keep you closesir, Not seen of any till I see the way Plain for your safety.

The Duchess of Malfi (TV Movie ) - IMDb However, tickets can still be booked through The Cambridge Theatre.

I expect the coming Of the lord governor, whom I will flatter With fair entreaties to appease their wildness, And before him take a great grief upon me For the duke's death, his strange and sudden loss; And when a quiet comes, expect thy joys.

This fellow lives too long after the deed; I'm weary of his sight: My great aim's At the lord governor's love; he is a spirit Can sway and countenance: My guiltiness had need of such a master That with a beck can suppress multitudes And dim misdeeds with radiance of his glory Not to be seen with dazzled popular eyes.

And here behold him come. Never was woman's grief for loss of lord Dearer than mine to me. And for the people's tumult, which oft grows From liberty or rankness of long peace, I'll labour to restrain, as I've begun, madam. I did covet To be the fortunate man that blessing visits, Which I'll esteem the crown and full reward Of service present, and deserts to come.

The duchess of malfi

It is a happiness I'll be bold to sue for When I have set a calm upon these spirits That now are up for ruin. DUCHESS Are so well met in yours, so fairly answer'd And nobly recompens'd, it makes me suffer In those extremes that few have ever felt, To hold two passions in one heart at once, Of gladness and of sorrow.Step in to the rehearsal room with photos from The Duchess of Malfi, directed by Maria Aberg with Joan Iyiola in the title role.

Find out more Productions. The Duchess of Malfi is a young widow whose two brothers, a cardinal and Ferdinand, the duke of Calabria, are desperately anxious lest she marry again, for they want to inherit her title and her.

John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi. This free course is available to start right now. Review the full course description and key learning outcomes and create an account and enrol if you want a free statement of participation.

For A-level, Eduqas specification, a revision pack for ‘Duchess of Malfi’ and ‘Streetcar Named Desire’. The emphasis is much more on ‘Duchess of Malfi’ (‘Streetcar’, as an AS text, is more likely to have been already read, so focus is on ‘Duchess’ and lin.

The Female Body in The Duchess of Malfi some difficulty in supporting the concept of a female monarch.

The Revenger's Tragedy, by Thomas Middleton

His not very convincing argument was that a woman ruler could be "sub- ject to" her husband as he was her husband and yet "rule over" him. This shopping feature will continue to load items.

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