Writing a health and safety policy nz

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Writing a health and safety policy nz

If approved by the specialist, a support person can claim for the same expenses as the client. Additional funding for a second support person may be approved when: A second support person is required to: A letter signed by the specialist that explains why it is necessary to have two support people present will be required prior to the approval of a second support person.

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The support person should travel, and stay in accommodation with the client whenever possible. When the client and the support person travel together by private motor vehicle, only one payment for transport can be claimed.

When a client is transferred as an inpatient and the support person has to travel separately from the client, the support person can claim travel costs covering the distance between the specialist facility and the home of the client if the client is eligible.

See appendix 5 for further information. What travel and accommodation can I, or my supporter claim? The following standard accommodation entitlements are available under the NTA scheme: Client Client is an outpatient: First support person Client is an adult inpatient: Client is a child inpatient: Second supporter Client is an inpatient: Client is an outpatient: Approval for travel assistance for second supporters will be based on clinical justification and the criteria in section 4.

The specialist must make an application for additional assistance to Sector Operations in writing stating the clinical justification. Can my support person travel to visit me while I am staying close to the hospital? Yes, under the following circumstances: If the client is eligible for support person costs see section 4.

For example, when it is double accommodation. If the eligible supporter is not able to stay with the client for the length of the long stay, then travel costs for a supporter travelling alone will be covered for clinical reasons only. For example, the client has a specialist appointment and joint decision-making is required, or the supporter is required to learn a new skill to care for the client at home.

In such cases, a return trip will be covered for the supporter. Transport assistance for a supporter when he or she is not travelling with the client, must be made, in writing, by the Specialist to Sector Operations stating the clinical reason.

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You can do this by entering their bank account details on your claim form or by reimbursing them personally and then submitting a claim for mileage to Sector Operations. Neonates, inpatients, and outpatients who meet the following definition of a neonate are able to access expanded assistance under the neonate criteria: See Appendix 1 for further clarification on neonate eligibility and entitlements.

Are mothers referred in-utero eligible for assistance? Yes, Mothers who are referred in-utero are eligible for travel assistance under the NTA policy providing the Mother meets the eligibility criteria.

Why did this happen and where can I get travel assistance now? Prior to 1 January there were 4 regional travel and accommodation policies that operated according to different rules.

This meant that children were required to meet different eligibility criteria depending on where they lived, and received different levels of reimbursement. With the introduction of the NTA policy all children, including those with a recognised disability, will receive the same level of assistance regardless of their location.

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If you fit the transition scheme criteria See section 3.Welcome to our jobs and applications site. Canstaff has gained a reputation for providing quality recruitment services and having developed a highly advanced system of tools and expertise for recruiting highly qualified people, who are well suited to clients’ particular needs and environment.

If you are eligible for travel assistance, you may be able to claim for kilometers traveled by private car, public transport, accommodation, and specialised transport (such as taxis, mobility taxis, or air travel).

Latest breaking news articles, photos, video, blogs, reviews, analysis, opinion and reader comment from New Zealand and around the World - NZ Herald. We also provide an example health and safety policy to give you an idea of what to include when writing your own.

writing a health and safety policy nz

A policy will only be effective if you and your staff follow it and review it regularly. It is the policy of the University, so far as is reasonably practicable, to protect the health, safety and welfare of all workers, students, and people on site; and to act in compliance with our legal obligations, including New Zealand standards and codes of practice relevant to the University.

Psychological therapy. Our providers are all experienced clinical psychologists from a range of backgrounds.

writing a health and safety policy nz

Depending on the clinician, we offer assessment, diagnosis and treatment for adolescents and adults, couples and families with a range of mental health concerns.

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